A smart, intelligent and athletic boy in blue named Babloo was playing chess with Julie, his elder sister who was just a year older to him. He was about to win when his sister dismissed the game.

“I am not going to play with you”, Julie declared.

Few days later

Now Julie had begun to feel even more jealous of Babloo. From teachers to parents, everyone always praised Babloo and this made Julie feel very bad. She thought that if Babloo will not be there, then everyone would praise her instead. So she hatched a plan. Her plan was to take Babloo to the woods and pretend that she wanted to play with him.

According to her plan, she took Babloo to the woods and then they started playing with a ball once they reached. Purposely, Julie threw the ball a little far and asked Babloo to bring it. Meanwhile, she ran home as fast as she could. Babloo was too small to go home alone. He had to spend the whole night in the jungle, hungry and scared.

At home, Julie was asked questions about her brother’s whereabouts but she was too afraid and did not even speak a word. Next day, when Babloo was moving around in the jungle, he met some tribal people. Their language was different which was hard to understand but Babloo was smart enough. He could understand few of their words and interpret what they were saying. The tribal people took him to their base and offered him food. A hungry Babloo gobbled up all the food served to him.

Babloo’s parents were about to call the police after searching everywhere for him. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and to everyone’s relief it was Babloo at the door. The tribals had helped him get back home. Everyone asked Babloo many questions but Julie just hugged her brother and cried a lot. After this incident, Babloo didn’t tell anyone that it was not him who went to the woods by himself but it was Julie who took him there.

//This story has been submitted by Hardik Kasat, aged 12, from Indore. He had written this tale as a part of  “Introduction to Creative Writing” workshop conducted by me. The kids were just given a story title and they had to weave a story around it.//

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