Today is a day of celebration and jubilation. The American Civil War has come to an end. It is 1865 and the 15 year old and shabbily dressed Martha, a black African slave girl, is bidding farewell to the noble looking Stella, who is also of the same age. Stella is the daughter of the wealthy white landlord and Martha and her parents worked as slaves in his cotton farm. Stella and Martha have known each other since they were just 7. Stella used to feel sorry witnessing the plight of slaves at her father’s farm. She became Martha’s friend and began to teach her whatever she learnt at school. Martha grasped things fast. This continued and for 8 years, Stella educated Martha to bring her on par with herself in knowledge and skills.

Today, both Stella and Martha are parting with each other with a heavy heart. Martha is headed to a Northern State with her family to begin a new life as free human beings. Slavery has been abolished. Martha is grateful to her friend Stella for liberating her from the shackles of illiteracy and ignorance. Freedom is no good unless you overcome your own limitations.

//This story has been submitted by 8 year old Jeslyn who resides in Hyderabad. She had written this tale as a part of  BTB Creative Writing Classes which I conduct in my society. The kids were asked to write a story related to friendship.//

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