The village of my dreams is a little German village named Musik-Ville, meaning “place of music.” This place is entirely inhabited by living musical instruments. The instruments here can not only make music all by themselves but can also speak and move around. The cottages have doors and windows that can open all by themselves, as the inhabitants do not have arms. Technology does not exist in Musik-Ville, which means all the villagers can live in harmony.

The famous landmarks here are the Pia Noe Castle and the Melody Hall. The currency used by the instruments is Melody Pennies, and this area is ruled by a grand piano queen. Unlike most monarchies, the commoners are not forced and can overthrow their ruler if they don’t like her. Almost every type of instrument lives here – from strings, woodwind, and brass to percussion. This place has a population of 88,000 instruments, and there are concert halls, shops, and gardens that are well-maintained. The villagers work hard at work and play harder with their communities. The main job of the villagers is that of a musician.

Author: Samika Sangwar, 12 years old from Pune

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