He’s Got a “DAD” Attitude!

My mom says I inherited… What’s the word?… Yes! It’s the Exaggeration from my dad, twisting up truths into white lies, is it?

Hmm, seems to be true! What is so fun in saying that I broke the cup? I could just say that the cat did it!

I appreciate him most when he finally stands up to Mom, who probably would be happy to see me get swallowed by my history book.

Illustrations by Prisha

But my all-time favorite activity is when I punch him in his face, he punches mine, or when he throws a pillow smack in Mom’s face and mine when we are not looking.

If my dad would be given one award, it would be ‘One that did not learn how long to play with the child’, because he will run for two seconds and fall, utterly exhausted. But, when I am sad, I know he will be there to tickle my legs and annoy me.

As my mom says, fathers are always in the good books, but it is misleading! Yeah, he can be downright evil! When I trust and tell him that I stuffed the last candy down my throat, he goes snitching right up to Mom. He won’t stop until I bribe him with something.

But that’s not it! My dad will find rags to sew into his patchwork of lies and truths. Last time I bought a pair of eyeglasses with him, and he got one too. He told me that mine cost more, so take care of it when it comes. But when they got delivered, we saw proof through the bills. And he knotted up something about buy one get one free. I mean seriously?!

That is the best you got, Daddy?

But does that matter to me? No. Do your lies make me wary of you? No. Does your evil reflect on me? Yes. Does your work irritate me? Yes… a lot!

I love you, Daddy, Happy Father’s Day!

Author: Prisha Ambi, 11 years old

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