Being Santa

Two days before Christmas Eve, my friends and I went to an interesting place for our winter holidays. Suddenly, while exploring the place, we all fell into a spooky tree trunk. We were terrified when we found ourselves around a cold place. We were shivering due to the chills and thrills.

We tried to look around and found a big house. Relieved, we rushed towards it. When I rang the bell, our eyes came out of our sockets in shock. To our pleasant surprise, Santa laughed “Ho ho ho!” He invited us all inside and offered us a warm cup of milk with chocó-chip cookies and plum cake. While walking, Santa slipped and fell down as he had not realised that there was water spilled on the floor. Now the question was –  how would he deliver all the gifts to the children all over the world?

My friends and I were worried. After thinking for a while, I got a wicked but fun idea. The idea was that I could pose as Santa Claus as I looked like him a little. Everyone seemed excited at this and they started helping in packing the gifts and preparing the treats. On the other side, Santa took me to one mysterious room where he gave me tips on how to deliver the gifts smoothly. He told me – “Be kind to others, be kind to animals, be kind even to those who are sometimes mean. Being kind changes things. Just look around you. You will see how a little kindness can make things so much better.”

I too gave one last tip that homemade treats –a biscuit, a cake, a sandwich or pancake – would be loved by all kids. 

// This Christmas special fictional story has been penned by 9-year-old Ditvi Jatania as a part of a writing task given to the kids during our weekly creative writing classes //

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