The Christmas Conflict

It was the night before Christmas Eve and Santa was busy packing all the gifts. Meanwhile, the Grinch had sent his spies to know what Santa was up to and after his spies returned, they informed him that Santa was packing presents. The Grinch was fuming and wanted to stop Santa. So, after Santa had fallen asleep, the Grinch stealthily crept up to his house to rob all the presents. But he made a loud thud when he fell down from the chimney and Santa woke up startled. He darted outside and saw the Grinch, who challenged him to a fight.

Santa and the Grinch had a great conflict, and finally, the Grinch retreated. But our dear Santa was badly injured and he had to deliver all the gifts that night. Saddened by what Santa had gone through, Mrs. Santa decided that she would do his duty this once. But as she was about to leave, she realised that none of the reindeers were ready to pull her sledge. She thought for a while and came up with a fantastic idea. She whistled shrilly in the air thrice and there he was – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. He took her on his back and started galloping down. It took them 23 Santa Claus minutes to reach down. They delivered all the presents and returned, excited to tell Santa about the whole adventure. Santa was awestruck when he saw that Mrs. Santa had come back so fast. He thanked his mates and wife  for saving  Christmas Eve and making  it happen so everyone could celebrate as they would every year.

// This Christmas special fictional story has been penned by 10-year-old Jeet Nagda as a part of a writing task given to the kids during our weekly creative writing classes //

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