Christmas Adventure – Ride Without The Sleigh

“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Rudolph and Blitzen FLY DOWN! FLY DOWN!….. WHOOSH”, bellowed Santa as they were in the air. Santa pondered as he was about to deliver the last batch of Christmas Gifts and he dreamt of sipping hot chocolate with Mrs. Claus and other elves in Santa Village soon.

HOOOOOOOOOOOS!!! went the power down as they were heading towards a small village near the North Pole. Suddenly, magic power went off alarming all the reindeers. “Magic Power is going down”, hollered Santa to Rony. Rony was the chief elf who helped Santa in the distribution of gifts. He was affable, jovial and forever helpful to Santa. THUD. The sleigh crashed down! “Ooooooooooooo”, roared Dasher in pain. He got hurt on his foot and he was unable to walk, let alone fly.

Terrified, Santa was unaware what to do. He thought kids not receiving gifts on Christmas will be like clock striking thirteen in the morning. Thousands of bees buzzed in his stomach and he gave a worried call to Mrs. Claus. She pondered for a while and then a striking idea ignited her mind. She reminded Mr. Santa of the ‘QUICK SPELL’.  Santa beamed with joy, his cheeks turning pink. Quickly he chanted the spell “STUPY  KHURPY  DELIPHY  MURPHY GIFTY” and in a jiffy, all the gifts were delivered safely with love. Santa was delighted to save the Christmas Spirit. This was the best adventure Santa ever had without ‘THE SLEIGH’.

// This Christmas special fictional story has been penned by 9-year-old Aradhya Taneja as a part of a writing task given to the kids during our weekly creative writing classes //

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