A Christmas Twist

On a chilly Christmas eve, Santa was all set with his sleigh to deliver presents to children. He proceeded from his gift making factory and reached the first house he needed to deliver the present to. Santa descended from his sleigh and took out the gift from his sack. He started climbing the roof so that he could slide down the chimney. But the snow on the roof was too slippery and Santa fell down!

Thankfully, he had a soft landing because of the snow. “Owww” Santa wailed. “I’ve definitely broken my back! Now who will deliver all my presents?”. Santa sat in a sombre mood. Suddenly he had an amazing idea! Aladdin had given Santa a magical lamp last new year. He rubbed the lamp and a genie appeared. He asked Santa what he wanted, and heard the whole incident. The genie laughed at the simplicity of the task and said, “I’ve been lollygagging for a long time in that dusty old lamp, it’s time I indulged in some exercise.”

The genie assured Santa that he could deliver all the gifts in 5 minutes! “BRB!”, he chimed and off he went after Santa handed him the sack full of gifts. The genie disappeared with the sack leaving glittery purple smoke behind. Rudolph helped Santa up and made him rest on the sleigh. Just about five minutes after Santa had dozed off in supine position, the genie returned and told Santa that the job was done. So, with no more tension on his mind, Santa went home gleefully.

// This Christmas special fictional story has been penned by 11-year-old Sanvi P as a part of a writing task given to the kids during our weekly creative writing classes //

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