Book Review – Storytelling Made Easy

Book Title – Storytelling Made Easy

Author – Nupur Aggarwal

Illustrator – Radheshyam Rout

Publisher – Pitambar Publishing 

Recommended Age – 7+ years

Storytelling Made Easy is a first-of-its-kind storytelling book in the Indian market written by Nupur Aggarwal. Storytelling is an art that uses words and actions to reveal elements and images. As per the quote from the book, storytelling encourages the listener’s imagination. The author believes that it is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. In fact, in today’s times, we see even corporate giants resorting to storytelling for their branding. 

Storytelling Made Easy is a fantastic book that covers every aspect of storytelling, from its science to its importance in human life, from audience interaction through stories to teaching skills of it. Everything is given to us on a platter to relish and explore the beautiful art of telling stories. The technique is taught in detail – like how to narrate, voice modulation, props that the writer can use, and much more, making this book an all-in-one solution. There are even amazing tips; for example, exploring folktales from different cultures makes for excellent storytelling. The illustrations are outstanding and try to bring in the rural vibes and feel of the stories. I felt that the best part of the book is that above every story is a short description of the story’s origin, which I think is quite important for a storyteller to know.

Overall, I believe that this book is fabulous for both adults and children. Even teachers and educators can use this book to expose their students to the world of storytelling, and it should reach every educational institution. So, without any delay, go grab a copy of Storytelling Made Easy by  Nupur Aggarwal! 

You can get your copy of the book from here.

// This book review has been penned by 12-year-old Reya Jain from Hyderabad as we celebrate the work of Nupur Aggarwal who has been chosen as the Featured Author of April 2022 at Beyond the Box //

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