The Toy Boy

Once upon a time, a man married a woman. They wanted a baby for many years but could never have one. So, they decided to go to a fairy land and asked  the fairy queen, “Can you bless us with a  baby”? 

The Fairy Queen answered, “I can give  you a baby but he will be very naughty and will ask for a new toy every day.” The husband and wife were ready to do anything for a baby, so they agreed. They were blessed with a beautiful boy, and they named him Arav. As the baby grew, he asked for a new toy every day. At the  beginning, the parents brought a new toy every day for Arav. But soon they found that it was not possible for them to continue doing this. 

The parents again went to the fairy and explained their problem to her. The fairy  listened to their problem and told Arav,  “I will give you a new toy every day,  but you will not borrow toys from your friends or ask your parents for more toys. If you do this, I will never give you any toy.” Arav happily agreed and went  back home with his parents. 

Now, he got a new toy every day from the fairy. While playing with his toys, he saw that his friend’s toys were more beautiful and interesting. He was not satisfied with his toys. So he gave his toy to a friend and  took his friend’s toy to play. He forgot what the fairy queen had told him. 

Now, the fairy queen did not give him any more toys. Arav cried a lot. Arav understood his mistake and promised his parents that he will never be greedy ever. 

// This piece has been penned by 7-year-old Japneet Kaur Mehar and has been chosen for publication on our website from the weekly submissions. The cover illustration has also been created by the child. //

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