Movie Review – 83

Experienced, felt, and enjoyed 83 thoroughly. This epic creation is a real story based on the triumphant victory of the Indian Cricket Team in the 1983 World Cup. The story is narrated in a glorious manner that includes the member’s individual journeys and their ups and downs as a team that finally leads them to a terrific yet unexpected victory.

From the time in the movie when nobody believed there were chances of India winning the cup and when the team faced global humiliation and stereotypical feedback, to the point when the great Vivian Richards himself was applauding a shot and the thrill and emotion of the Indian team holding the cup, this story highlights the way Indians rose above the bar and eventually defeated every other team in the competition.

The impact of the movie is such that it brings together the pride of every Indian citizen and celebrates the colors of patriotism without going overboard. Special shout-out to an awesome cast and the entire crew – they have all done a brilliant job as a team. I loved the performance of not just Ranveer Singh who plays the role of Kapil Dev in the movie, but also of every other actor starring in it. I felt as though I was transported to the stadium with them. As a proud Indian and cricket lover, I would highly recommend this movie to everyone, irrespective of age. The thrill, excitement, emotion and hope that this terrific movie generates is what makes it a must-watch.

// This movie review has been penned by 13-year-old Jeslyn Padam and has been chosen for publication on the website from the weekly submissions //

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