Book Review – Why is my hair curly?

Book Title – Why is my hair curly?

Author – Lakshmi Iyer

Genre – Realistic Fiction

Publisher – Red Panda

Recommended Age – 7+ years


Avantika keeps brushing her hair, but her curls are so unruly that she can’t keep them down. Avantika was adopted by her Amma {mother} and Appa {father}. She has a little brother, Avnish, who is adopted too. She wishes her hair was sleek and shiny like the rest of her family. She often wonders if her birth mother had curly hair too. Luckily, she finds a confidante in the mysterious paati {grandmother} she meets in the park. What happens next? Will Avantika start to love her hair? Will she get to know who her real mother is?

What I liked

I liked the part where Avantika teases her mother by saying she is hungry. It would annoy her as Amma was concentrating on a book. The cute banter between Avantika and Avnish when she teases him that she will eat his chocolate if he doesn’t eat it is fun to read. It works, as Avnish scarfs down his bar before Avantika has even unwrapped hers! The part where the paati in the park shows her how to brush her curly hair and keep it down is adorable, sending out the message to accept and love one’s natural self. Also, towards the end when the entire family is together again is very likable and gives a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Why Is My Hair Curly? is a delightful celebration of curly hair and the courage it takes to be yourself. This chapter book explores genetics, family dynamics, and adoption identity through a light-hearted and sunny tale.

// This book review has been penned by 11-year-old Alankrita Ahuja from Hyderabad as we celebrate the work of Lakshmi Iyer who has been chosen as the Featured Author of November 2021 at Beyond the Box //

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