Book Review – Woof!: Adventures by the Sea

Book Title – Woof!: Adventures by the Sea

Author – Aparna Karthikeyan

Illustrator – Sagar Kolwankar

Genre – Fiction (Pets & Animals)

Publisher – Red Panda

Recommended Age – 8+ years 

“Woof!: Adventures by the Sea” is about dogs surviving on a beach with other dogs. The dogs find a package on the beach in which they come across a puppy named Shingmo. Read the book to find out how they survive the Mumbai monsoon with a small pup that still needs to learn how to be a street dog. Hop on for a fascinating adventure in this beautiful dog world!

I liked this book because its detailing on how dogs live and communicate is brilliant. The author has done a wonderful job at connecting humans with dogs. The narration is honest, heartfelt and very engaging. I was hooked from the first page itself, and could not put the book down till I completed it. 

I would give this book a double thumbs up! I feel that if you are a dog lover or have a dog at home, you will fully relate to the book and enjoy it. If you do not know much about dogs or feel scared by them, then I would definitely recommend you to read this book to feel a connection with this amazing species created by God on earth. Go for it!

You can purchase a copy of the book from here.

// This book review has been penned by 12-year-old Pratulya Singh Bhati from Hyderabad as we celebrate the work of Aparna Karthikeyan who has been chosen as the Featured Author of September 2021 at Beyond the Box //

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