Hair, I’ll Never Crib About You Again!

It was my birthday and I held a party the day after. All of my friends and relatives were overflowing with gifts for me. They were all great, except for one – the exotic shampoo.

It was called ‘Elements’. It was given to me by my school friend Estelle Jackson. When she gave it to me, I immediately started to open the wrapping paper, because Estelle gives amazing gifts. When I opened it, I screamed, ‘I LOVE HAIR PRODUCTS!’. I opened the cap and took a sniff. It smelled heavenly! I hugged Estelle and thanked her for the gift. 

Once my birthday party was over, I tried the shampoo out. After my bath, my hair was nice and soft. Later, I called Estelle to tell her that the shampoo was amazing. We chatted for a while, and then I had to eat dinner.

A week had passed. It was time to wash my hair again. I washed it using the same shampoo. I woke up the next morning and saw a clump of hair on my pillow. It was blond! It was my hair! I rushed out of my room. I ran to my mom’s room and woke her up. I shrieked, “Mom! Mom! Get up!”. She woke up with a start. “What happened Sadie!?” She exclaimed.

“Mom! My hair…”

That’s all I could say. I told her to come to my room and see the clump of hair on my pillow. She was startled when she saw it. Before I had used the shampoo, my mom had told me that it could make my hair fall. I refused to believe it. So now my mom started to scold me for not listening to her. Even I regretted what I did. Day after day, the problem got worse. I felt like yelling at Estelle for giving me the shampoo but then I thought, “Why should I blame Estelle for something she had not done?” Therefore, I didn’t tell her anything. When I would study, there would be clumps of hair everywhere around my table. I didn’t go out much because I was almost bald! When I did though, everyone laughed at me.

A month had passed. My hair fall hadn’t stopped. One day, I was studying and the rest of my hair fell off. I was so sad that I cried all day and locked myself in my room. My mom tried to console me, but it didn’t work. I felt like telling my problem to Estelle but I thought, “Will she laugh at me?”  Eventually, I came around and told Estelle my problem. She was astonished! She said that this shampoo was the world’s most recommended one. I cut the call that instant. I fumed, I felt like crushing someone or something. I don’t know why but I just felt that way. That anger melted into tears. I cried all night. In the morning, I woke up and saw a golden comb on my side table. It said, “Hello Sadie! I have come to help you. Touch me to your head and you will get all your blond hair back.” I didn’t believe it at first, but then I asked the comb, “Will it really work?” It said nothing at first but then said, “Yes”. I immediately touched the comb to my bald scalp. Nothing happened initially, but after a few minutes, suddenly my hair started sprouting from my scalp. My old blond hair with red and blue strokes was back. After all my hair finished growing, I jumped with glee! I felt so happy.

I went to my mom and showed her my hair. I told her everything. She believed me, surprisingly. It was amazing to have my hair back! One day, somebody gave my father “Elements” shampoo and he did not notice the brand name. In two days, his hair started falling off. He showed it to me. Not again! I grumbled.

// This fictional story has been penned by 10-year-old Mihika Nayak studying in Grade 5 at J.B. Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai and has been chosen for publication on our platform from the weekly submissions //

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