Reflections By The Beach – Poem by Suja Ram

The blue sky, the white waves

The rise and the fall

The ebb and the flow

The feel of wet sand beneath my feet

Footprints of mine being washed away

Children building sandcastles

Teens chasing the waves gleefully

Couples walking hand in hand

Oh! What a lovely sight

This is heaven!


As I was lost in a trance

Dancing to nature’s music 

In perfect rhythm

Letting nature take its course 

Without any remorse

Something hit my legs

What was it?

I bent down to see a couple of shells

One smooth with lines of blue, yellow and grey

And the other just as beautiful in shades of orange and white

With a couple of holes in it


I was awed by this surprise gift

That I found at the beach

And treasured it in my pocket

Back in my room

I placed my prized treasure on the table

Seeing it in a different light

Brought out the reality…

How nature tells us great truths subtly!


Some have a smooth ride in the journey of life

Their experiences make them age with grace

Some are bruised and battered

There are holes in their shell

But they reach the shores just as well

Their inner beauty shining through 

In spite of what life has dealt them 

Both find a safe space in someone’s home

Unique in their journey but cherished just the same

Let’s learn to look through the holes

And appreciate everything as a whole.

// This poem has been penned by Suja Ram who was declared the Winner of the first poetry slam event (A Rhythmic Affair) conducted by Beyond the Box for adults. //

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