And Calmly She Flows – Poem by Priya Washikar

An epitome of chastity and calm

Her serene waters belie an inner fortitude.

She cleanses our aberrations and sins

And flows relentlessly in solitude.

She’s the endless saga of sacrifice

Secrets galore, in her bosom dwell.

The river is an effacious, mystical entity

Her gushing waters have stories to tell.

A silent spectator of changing times

Who witnesses the seasons come alive.

At times, she displays her stoic prowess

A river is the entity that nourishes our life.

She’s an eternal part of our mystical being

To care for her is now our responsibility.

Each drop of hers is immensely precious 

Her holy waters are blessings of the Almighty.

She expects nothing in return from us

A river shows us how to selflessly live.

Calmly and placidly, she carves her own path

And the only thing she knows is to give!

// This poem has been penned by Priya Washikar who was among the Top 10 Finalists in the first poetry slam event (A Rhythmic Affair) conducted by Beyond the Box for adults. //

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