Book Review – Mystery at Malabar Cottage

“Mystery at Malabar Cottage” is a fun and adventurous story about four cousins – Sam , Fulki , Tina and Paras. They spend their summer vacation at a 200-year-old cottage at the top of the hill without their parents due to some work. Panna is the caretaker of the four cousins.

They thoroughly enjoy themselves by discovering the caves and the tunnels with Panna’s son(Vijju) and his cool dog Ruffy. But Fulki stares into Mr. Jain’s crystal ball involving the gun which leads to strange occurrences making the proceedings interesting, intriguing and engaging.

I was impressed with the confidence and bravery demonstrated by the kids in the story. Author Manjiri Prabhu has a gripping style of narration and her descriptions are vivid. The cover page and the illustrations in the book are very attractive. 

Go grab the book to know more! You will not be disappointed.

You can purchase the book here

// This book review has been penned by our 10-year-old student Reya Jain as we celebrate the work of our Featured Author of July 2020, Manjiri Prabhu.//

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