Where have you been so far?

Look at us how grown up we are;

For no reason you have gone afar.

I wish the time could rewind to what we truly are;

But you have always been the one on my wishing star.

Please hold me tight;

No matter how much we fight;

You are my only light.

How much ever I hide my tears;

You understand and help me overcome my fears.

You have been the rainbow in my sky;

And made me realize that I do not need wings to fly.

You were my only hope when I was ready to die.

When you asked me if I was OK,

I responded that I was fine.

I could not tell you that my sky had turned dark from blue;

Whether you would accept my flaws is something about which I had no clue.

But you came and said “That’s the only reason I love you.”

//This beautiful poem with a haunting melancholy has been penned and submitted to BTB by Rishika Bharodiya who is a lovely 15-year-old girl from Mumbai//

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