In the heart of the quaint town called Artland lived a creative painter. He loved his farmhouse because he would get lots of ideas to sketch and paint over there. Sometimes, he would draw such amazing pictures that those would be taken to the art gallery in the town. One day, a strange but interesting thought came to his mind. He had the urge to go inside the beautiful work of art created by him. He called up his friend who was a magician and expressed his desire to him.

The magician came over to help fulfill his friend’s wish. The painter drew the outline of a beautiful scenery and then in no time, he was inside the picture as a result of his friend’s magical powers. He felt incredulous to actually find himself inside his own drawing. Then, he began to use the vibrant colors from his palette to paint this picture but was finding it difficult to do so from inside. All of a sudden, the colors spread and a rainbow was formed. The painter was mesmerized. The magician cast his spell as per the time duration decided by them earlier and the painter came out of the picture. When he was out, he saw a rainbow in the sky for the first time from his farmhouse and he was amazed. It was a sight to behold! He felt as if he himself had painted the sky. For him, it was the prettiest rainbow he had ever witnessed in his life.

//This story has been submitted by 10-year-old Aadya who resides in Hyderabad. She had written this tale as a part of  the Children’s Day Special Creative Writing Event which I had conducted in the city. The kids were given different word prompts to pen a short story and her prompts were “Rainbow”, “Creative” and “Farmhouse”.//

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