Jungle adventure

I was sad. Walking through the jungle, I felt lost in the woods. The tall trees felt like monsters glaring down at me and the luscious grass spread below felt like a never-ending carpet. I was feeling very sticky and hot. I was wondering if I would attract the attention of an animal in my torn red shirt and ragged jeans. I let that thought pass and noticed around twenty different types of plants in my surroundings, or may be there were more. Suddenly, I felt a soft touch at the back of my neck. I turned around petrified only to discover that it was just a leaf. I heaved a sigh of relief. I continued walking. The distinct smell of the forest was now becoming stronger and I felt like sobbing. It was getting dark. I could hear wolves howling at a distance. I thought it was better to settle for the night and hence, I started hunting for a cave. I also found some berries to eat and just when I sat down to satiate my hunger, I heard loud sounds – Tring, Tring Tring ! I woke up with a start. Phew, it was just a dream!

// This write up was penned by 9-year-old Shreyas Saboo from Hyderabad when the kids were taught how to create effective imagery during BTB creative writing classes.//

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