Book Review – Dear Earth

The Earth is a beautiful home that cares for us like no other. In return, we have to give it the same love that the Earth gives us. This is the basic premise of ‘Dear Earth’ by Avvaiyar. The poem is like a plea that one can not escape. The author showcases a pen’s power in only 25 words. The poem provides for hours of thinking after the first read. The illustrations done by Murali Nagaphuza complement the piece beautifully and are enticing.

Along with the poem in this book, you get to read a few in-depth passages about the author, Avvaiyar. I hadn’t heard of Avvaiyar before this book, so I loved how this book shed light on someone not as known.  Avvaiyar is a very elusive figure in Indian history. Her entire life is a mystery. Some say that she lived 2,300 years ago, some say that there was not one but multiple Avvaiyars. No matter who she was, one thing can’t be denied, that she was way ahead of her time. There was a story in the book about her understanding of God and how she was not afraid of God. This story began to turn some wheels in my head. It made me realize that Indic culture and philosophy are very tolerant. It also shows how Indic culture and philosophy nurtured dissent and discourse.  As a person living in the United States, this story answered many questions about my own culture for me, which is exceptionally astounding. It showed me how Avvaiyar was so knowledgeable in philosophy and the environment. Other than stories and a poem, there are also a few interactive pages for young kids. I loved this book because of how relevant it is to the current date. With global warming and the way humans are destroying our planet, this poem serves as a reality check. It reminded me to treat my world with care, and it will do the same. This book also taught me to look into my own culture and stories to answer questions in my life.  Before I read the book, I believed that it was for little children, but I realized that this one is for all ages. A 10/10 from me!

// This book review has been penned by our 12-year-old Content Specialist Naina Agrawal. Do check out the brilliant collection of Katha India Books here. //

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