Veera was waiting in the ice-cream parlour for her friends. After a while, her friends arrived and they all exchanged hugs and pleasantries with each other. They enthusiastically placed their order for delicious ice-creams. Most of them wanted to have chocolate and strawberry flavors. Veera told her friends about a beautiful fountain that she had witnessed next to the ice-cream shop. She mentioned that she had seen a mysterious bird there which looked very strange. The bird’s right eye was large and the left one was bleeding. Her friends got scared listening to this but they all decided to visit the fountain nevertheless.

When the group reached the fountain, the bird appeared again and the children fainted because of shock. They all fell inside the fountain. When they opened their eyes, they were startled to find themselves in the world of candies and ice creams where even people looked like a candy or an ice-cream. The fishes were also ice-creams which could be eaten. Veera tried having one but didn’t like it and spit it out. The kids tried to escape and began to swim but they got stuck because of a war. There was a war going on between the world of candies and ice-creams and the world of garbage. They were amazed to see paper plates, spoons, plastic and other trash battling with different types of candies and ice-creams.

Suddenly, they noticed that the water level was increasing on one side which seemed to be the result of melting of that corner of the earth. The voluminous gush of water pushed all the kids outside and they reached land again. There was a loud noise and Veera opened her eyes with a jolt. She found herself in the ice-cream parlour waiting for her friends. She shook her head and flashed a sheepish smile thinking about her silly dream.

// This story has been authored by Shashank, Arnav Sharma, Avni Malhotra, Tvisha, Alankrita Ahuja, Sharanya, Hridaya, Abhiram, Jeslyn and Kylie together during a creative writing class. I started the story with the first line and then every child added to it one by one and hence, there is a contribution of all these young writers to the tiny tale. During this activity, kids learnt to identify loose ends in a story and also about how all the threads in a story should tie up together. They also understood how to maintain a consistent flow in a story.//

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