10 Indian Kids’ Blogs That You Must Follow

Over the years, the blogging arena has grown by leaps and bounds in India. From being a niche profession and domain, it has burgeoned into a hot favourite with people/brands. Blogging has also evolved and taken many shapes and forms, and as it continues to expand, it is heartening to see many children creating their own blogs and carving their own identities in their exclusive spaces. On the occasion of International Bloggers’ Day 2021, Beyond the Box decided to give these super kids a platform to get listed so that they can scale up and diversify their audience and reach.

Here’s a list of carefully curated 10 blogsites of kids in India who are rocking the blogging space. You must check each one out.

www.sanaayasureka.com by Sanaaya Sureka from Kolkata

nandinisblogonline.wordpress.com by Nandini Agarwal from Kolkata

www.srikarchitta.com by Srikar Chitta from Hyderabad

thethoughtsexpress.blogspot.com by Shreyas Saboo from Hyderabad

wondertrish.edublogs.org by Trisha Rath from Bhubaneswar

naishamishra.edublogs.org by Naisha Mishra from Bhubaneswar

saanvi008.wixsite.com/website-1 by Saanvi & Hasini from Hyderabad

navyascreativelalaland.wordpress.com by Navya from Hyderabad

www.kidsethics.com by Ananya Gulati from Noida

panyabhathija.wixsite.com/website by Panya Bhathija from Hyderabad

P.S: This is a dynamic list and we intend to keep adding blogs to it as and when we come across a great one. If you wish to list your child’s blog in this exclusive space, please drop an email at btbdiaries@gmail.com with child’s name, age, blog link and city of residence mentioned.