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Some Days Become History

The blazing sun was smiling in the sky. I was trying hard to get rid of my slumber. After washing my face with soapy water, I gulped down some ice water from the bottle in the refrigerator. Pathetically sitting in the couch, I didn’t know what to do. There was no option to go out due to the corona virus pandemic. Just then, an idea popped in my mind to makeover and renovate my abode. 

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The Ephialtes

The abode. The only one in the entire area, sat on the crest of a low valley. In this two-storeyed duplex resided a couple – Rohan and Rhythm. They set up their dream house in the outskirts of the city where they could catch the view of fields of cotton dotted with flowers, a turquoise crystal clear lake with a bench near by, many baya weaver nests dangling from the twigs of trees and holy worshipping places too.

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Write-A-Thon Story – Group 2 (Adults)

Vaani was fumbling to reach out to her buzzing mobile on the bedside table, while her little one was clinging to her left hand in deep slumber. “Hello”, she managed to say as she was groggy and tired. The response from the other side shocked her. A shiver ran down her spine. “Not again,” she thought to herself as the long-forgotten voice whispered on the other side of the phone. 

“I need your help,” he said, but Vaani was only half concentrating. Her mind was travelling down through the sands of time, dredging up blurry images of broken toys, a garden shed, running by the river, and of course, lots of blood. But there was one face amongst them all, a face so cruel and menacing, a face that she would never forget. 

“Yes,” she finally managed to say faintly, “I understand. I’ll be there.”

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Write-A-Thon Story – Group 1 (Adults)

Vaani was fumbling to reach out to her buzzing mobile on the bedside table, while her little one was clinging to her left hand in deep slumber. “How have you been?”, a familiar grave hoarse voice blurted out immediately, breaking the dark midnight silence. Vaani couldn’t utter a single word in response as sudden overwhelming inexpressible emotions numbed her completely. After what seemed like a decade-long minute, she regained her composure with a deep breath. She had already recognized the voice by that time. It was Raman, her husband, who had been missing for the last five years. Her eyes instinctively darted to the calendar on her desk; the date took her by yet another surprise. Meanwhile, Raman kept on calling her name on the other end, asking if she could hear him.

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The Magic Shoe

“Hurry up! Syon! We shall ask for the room that has a lot of snacks, otherwise someone else might take it.” 

We rushed to our Ma’am and pleaded. “Can we please have the room full of snacks Ma’am?”. 

“Well, ok. But just don’t keep munching on snacks because you have got to prepare for the debate”, Ma’am answered smiling. 

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The Adventure in Coconino National Forest

This is my story. Even if you don’t believe me, it’s all true. This is a secret, which only my serious brother, Marcus, and my sister, Clara who takes everything lightly, even a murder, know about. Coming back to the story, my siblings and I along with my cousins – Rokia, Genina, and Veronica – live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Winnipeg, the weather is at most -9.3°C in winter. So, during every Christmas break, we all go south to the USA for camping in Coconino Forest. If there is one thing that we learned from vacationing is to always avoid crossing densely populated cites as they are noisy. In Coconino National Forest, we are never allowed to go past the river as there exist creatures that will rip you apart in 5 seconds. Well, on one instance, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked everyone to come to the other side of the river. None of my cousins listened but Marcus and Clara wanted to join me. It was just the three of us then and we were all excited. 

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The Secret Of The Talking Parrot

Once upon a time in a city, there lived a fowler named Timma. He would catch birds for a living. One day, he caught a parrot. When Timma tried to cage the parrot, the parrot replied, “Please! Let me go. If you let me go then a rare parrot will come to your net and you can catch it.” Timma was astonished. He exclaimed, ” You are so valuable! You can talk and I would be a fool to let you free but still I will set you free.”. He let the parrot free.

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